A few of the top companies in Portugal you must discover

Follow along with us as we take a good look at quite a few of Portugal’s largest enterprises and the work they're doing.

While Portugal is rather mini in size, the telecommunications industry is an extremely prominent and competitive market within the country. Not surprisingly, due to the fact that the sector is a major world industry all on its own. Telecoms appear on every list of major industries, so it's no surprise that one of Portugal’s leading companies would be a telecom organization. The firm runs several of the most popular brands in Portugal and it's no doubt that the Portugal Telecom, owner is extremely pleased to be the most popular telecommunications service provider in the whole of the country. The institution, which was created in 1994, is so massive that it employs over 10,000 individuals and links almost all residents in the small European country – making it one among the most significant contributor’s the country’s overall economy. This number also makes it one among the biggest job providers in Portugal all together.

Portugal is a nation that is enthusiastic about food. Like numerous countries with a Mediterranean culture, the Portuguese live to eat so it's no huge shock that a country that loves food so much would have a food distribution company as one among if its important businesses. The Jerónimo Martins president is likely extremely happy about the fact that it happens to be one among the most popular Portuguese food companies around. The organization operates a chain of super markets in Portugal, along with other food shops in Poland and Colombia. As a matter of fact, it operates more than 3,600 stores in those countries together. The company was first founded in 1792 and employs over 100,000 people – which is definitely a substantial amount – making it not just one of the oldest companies, but one of the most important to Portugal’s economic climate.

It is expected that an energy service provider would be a significant business in Portugal as energy essentially powers every single thing around the world nowadays. Not only one among Portugal’s largest business groups, Energias de Portugal also ranks among Europe’s great electricity providers. For a small country, that's honestly quite impressive. The business is the biggest provider of power in the nation and also happens to have a huge presence in South America. Developed in 1976, the firm employs over 12,000 workers, which makes it an integral part of the small European country's economy. Although the energy provider already generates a big number of omissions-free energy, with society becoming more eco-aware as a whole, it is no wonder that the it is working towards building even more renewable forms of energies. In fact, the Energias de Portugal activist investor has admitted that the business is looking to commit itself more to creating more earth friendly energy as it moves forward.

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